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Mentorship Services

Why Me? Why Mentoring? 

I remember reading my textbooks and having lists of questions. I also remember the conversations and the further confusion that happened when my fellow classmates and I tried to “figure it out ourselves”.

I found I only started feeling confident when the questions were answered with a solid (yes or no) answer, which my professors did not always have time for. I have been that person a week away from a 100% law clerk exam or LSO test having a list of questions that felt long, and feeling like no one had time to answer.

What I wanted was someone I could call and schedule a time with to go over all of my questions. Someone offering a service specifically for students who needed extra help.

Stop struggling with coursework, start mastering your law clerk or paralegal program. Feel your best on exam day with one-on-one mentorship from an experienced law clerk and licensed paralegal.

Clearly Legal is the mentoring service I wish I had.

Clearly Legal can help you become a certified law clerk or help you get to the LSO paralegal test.
Your level of knowledge or learning style does not matter, I will build a customized mentorship program that tackles your greatest obstacles to your law clerk certification or through your paralegal classes.
By the end of our time together, you will be comfortable, confident, and ready to write your exam.
While I cannot guarantee you will pass (that is up to the exam gods), I can guarantee to be that person I wish I had had for all those long lists of questions. That person who will break it down and make you say “oh, now I get it”.

Why Choose Clearly Legal? 

Get practical advice and uncover new ways to look at your course materials. 

A good mentor is not just another teacher. I go far beyond reading facts and figures by  reframing course information in a way that makes the most sense to you, wherever you are in your studies.

Develop your inner rock star student and be as calm as you can be on exam day.

Learn from a professional with a real law firm and in-house experience.

You will have a law clerk, licensed paralegal and commissioner of oaths who has "seen it all" in the legal profession on your side. I turn textbook concepts into hands-on scenarios to maximize what you will remember and make studying more enjoyable (yes, it is possible).


You learn best with one-on-one conversations. You want access to an empathic and experienced law clerk.

I understand entirely that sometimes talking it out with someone focused on you is all you need.

We will connect on a regular, predetermined schedule to discuss your progress and struggles. You will get custom guidance – everyone has different study methods, and I understand that.
Ready to break legal concepts down and have some fun while you do it? Fill out the request form or send me an e-mail at I’ll be in touch within two business days.

Read what those I have mentored are saying here.


Mentoring Courses:

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