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Why Me? Why a freelancer? 

Looming deadlines? Lots of unfinished research or court documents? Growing faster than you expected? Extreme backlog of administrative work?
I am the project-based freelance law clerk you need, without the worry of salary and benefits. Work directly with me, as an experienced law clerk, at a competitive affordable rate. Clearly Legal manages your documents so you can focus your time on representing clients.


Expand your practice with more ease.
When you do not want to turn away clients, and have more paperwork than a business can handle, small firms, boutiques, sole practitioners and businesses often run into one of three scenarios (or all):
1. Doing it all yourself, because you do not have the overhead for permanent support staff.

2. Hiring temporary staff, who may not have legal training or the kind of legal training you need.


3. You hired great staff who need training and mentoring, and you do not have the time to do it efficiently.
these options often result in the following:
1. Spending endless hours in your office, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

2. Receiving lesser quality work because the temporary staff you hired may lack the legal training and experience you really needed.


3. Spending too much time teaching the great staff and not getting the work itself done. 
What you need is a different non-traditional approach – Clearly Legal, a uniquely efficient alternative that gives you access to an experienced law clerk when you need it, me!
With a wealth of knowledge and a proven record of results,
I will work with you on a per-project basis so that you can reduce costs while maintaining quality and increasing output.


Other work arrangements are available, I invite you to ask in the free consult.

Why Choose Clearly Legal? 
Legal Documents Polished and Perfected.

Get the job done right. From research and proofreading to project management for litigation
proceedings, your documents will be meticulously compiled and skillfully executed.
Clearly Legal draws from a deep understanding in all aspects of litigation proceedings, and 20 years of experience in many generalized legal processes to deliver clean, accurate work that is ready to leave the office.
Case-Specific Solutions with Full Transparency and Quick Turnaround.

Work with an empathetic, friendly professional who knows how to connect the dots and fine-tune
compelling arguments while keeping you in the loop, me!


Clearly Legal will mentor your support, junior law staff and staff new to Ontario litigation.

I work directly with your staff and lawyers to asses their knowledge of Ontario legal procedures. I break down the rules and procedures into clear terms to make the sheer volume of rules and procedure more accessible and easy to understand.

Clearly Legal will handle your unique needs with integrity and skill. Projects completed on time, every time.

Ready to get help with your pleading or court document? Fill out the request form or send me an e-mail at I’ll be in touch within two business days.


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Law Clerk Services:

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