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Hi, I’m Kristy McLaren

As a fully certified Ontario law clerk with 20 years of experience, a licensed paralegal, a commissioner of oaths and a notary public, I provide freelance solutions for your law clerking needs. I offer these solutions to help you grow your practice without sacrificing time or quality. 

I started Clearly Legal in response to the need I was seeing for project-based freelance law clerks.

My Clerking: 
Sole practitioners, boutiques and small firms do not always have the overhead to hire salaried support staff, or know immediately what their salaried support staff needs are. Sometimes lawyers and businesses just need help.


Without support, lawyers (and business owners) regularly find themselves working long hours so that they can continue expanding their clientele while keeping their current clients happy.


The alternative to the long hours - spending a lot of money on temporary staff who may not have the exact legal or business admin experience required. This can, and does, results in poor outcomes. 
Through Clearly Legal, I propose a better solution.


My knowledge, my experience. My trained ability to understand your needs.


My ability to craft clear, polished documents. My work on these documents free your time to focus on your legal strategy, or business, with fewer procedural limitations.

Through this option, I also offer mentoring on procedural issues to articling students, junior lawyers and lawyers new to Ontario litigation.

My Mentorship:
I offer one-on-one mentoring for law clerk students and paralegal students. Mentorship consists of personalized support to break down anything you might be struggling with in your school program or procedurally in your law firm role. 


This is a great option for lawyers needing extra help for support staff and students approaching me independently. 

My Qualifications:


  • Certified as a law clerk through the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario

  • Law Society of Ontario Licensed Paralegal

  • Commissioner of Oath

  • Over two years of successful freelance clerking and mentoring

  • 17 years in law firms and in-house

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How C
an I Help You?

If you are a lawyer, law firm or small business owner looking for a clerk or strong admin, or possibly a mentorclick here to learn more about my law clerk services and how these services can be treated as admin and mentoring services.
If you are a law clerk or paralegal student looking for tutoring, click here to learn more about mentorship services.
For more information and to inquire about my current rates, e-mail me at or fill out the request form. I’ll be in touch within two business days.


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